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A Vibrant Nonprofit for Dance Teachers in the South

Workshops, conventions, competitions, and community, Dance Teachers United elevates dance teachers all throughout the south, as the young dancers who work with them benefit from the shared knowledge and collective passion they’re surrounded by. 

Upcoming Events:

July 8-10, 2022 – Biloxi, MS
Sep 23-25, 2022 – Mobile, AL (Admiral Hotel)
Nov 5-6, 2022 – Vicksburg, MS
Jan 20-22, 2023 – Hattiesburg, MS
July 14-16, 2023 – Biloxi, MS

Thriving Among Likeminded Artists

Dance Teachers United formed in response to the belief that dance has the capacity to enrich people from all walks of life.

True to Our Name, We’re Connected 

Dance Teachers United is a nonprofit that seeks to bring professional dance teachers together in the spirit of furthering our craft.

A Proven Group of Dance Professionals

DTU has grown into one of the most reputable independent dance associations throughout the South, representing members from 7 states.

Dance Teachers United

    I would like to welcome everyone to Dance Teachers United. Ours is an exciting nonprofit organization is geared toward studio dance teachers throughout the south. We would like to offer to you top teachers for conventions, quality friendly dance competitions, and provide over $10,000 in scholarships annually to membership students. scholarships to Dance Teachers United member students. In 1992 dance teachers from Mississippi, gathered in Jackson, Mississippi, to form a board for a nonprofit educational dance training association. The newly appointed board named the dance organizational association Dance Teachers United. Since DTU had no affiliated chapters, the member teachers felt the need to invite teachers from all over the South. Please feel free to contact us directly through this site about joining DTU or about any of our exciting events scheduled throughout the year. Ours is a member based organization that can benefit all teachers of the art of dance. We do offer non-members special privileges as well, but member teachers receive a substantial discount to all events. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me directly.  

BLAKE COHELEY, President of Dance Teachers United 

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Here at Dance Teachers United, we welcome your questions and we're happy to discuss workshops, conventions, competitions, and dance community anytime

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